1. How to Say Thank You in Romanian

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Salut, and welcome to Romanian Survival Phrases, brought to you by RomanianPod101.com
This course is designed to equip you with the language skills and knowledge to enable you to get the most out of your visit to Romania. You'll be surprised at how far a little Romanian will go.
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Hello! Bună! My name is Raluca and I'll be your language teacher and cultural guide throughout this introductory course.
Wherever your destination may be, manners are a must! Romania is no different. So in our very first lesson, we'll be teaching you simple expressions that are bound to come in handy throughout your trip to Romania. I can’t stress this enough: A little language can go a long way!
In Romanian, the most simple way of saying “Thank you” is Mulțumesc.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc.
Mulţumesc is a verb, and the dictionary form is a mulţumi, which in English will be translated as “to thank”. So literally translated, the word mulțumesc means “thanks”.
Another simple and common way of saying “Thank you” is the french word Mersi pronounced in a Romanian way.
( slow)Mer-si (roll the “r” almost like in Spanish)
There will be occasions when you will want to express your gratitude in a more polite and appreciative manner. That is when you should use the expression Mulțumesc mult.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc mult.
Mulțumesc mult.
The second word mult means “a lot” or “much,” so the English equivalent for Mulțumesc mult is “Thank you a lot”.
For showing deeper gratitude, it is enough to add foarte to the expression Mulțumesc mult so that you get Mulțumesc foarte mult which in English will be translated as “Thank you very much”.
The word foarte literally means “very” and mult is translated as “much” or “a lot”.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc foar-te mult.
Mulțumesc foarte mult.
The nicest way of expressing gratitude is Mulțumesc frumos, literally translated as “Thank you beautifully”.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc fru-mos.
Mulțumesc frumos.
The second word frumos, meaning “beautiful,” is used to make the phrase familiar and polite at the same time.
(slow) Fru-mos.
Let’s hear the two words one more time.
Mulțumesc frumos.
Here are another 3 expressions for showing gratitude using the word mersi just by replacing mulțumesc in the expressions we just learned. And we get:
Mersi mult
Mersi foarte mult and
Mersi frumos.
Whether you use mulțumesc or mersi, the meaning stays the same.
Okay, to close out this lesson, we'd like you to practice what you've just learned. I'll provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you're responsible for saying it aloud. You have a few seconds before I give you the answer, so mult noroc , which means "Good luck!" in Romanian.
“Thank you.”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc.
(3 sec) Mersi.
(slow) Mer-si.
“Thanks a lot.”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc mult.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc mult.
Mulțumesc mult.
“Thank you very much.”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc foarte mult.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc foar-te mult.
Mulțumesc foarte mult.
“Thank you beautifully”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc frumos.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc fru-mos.
Mulțumesc frumos.
All right, that's all for this lesson!
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Hi RomanianPod101.com Listeners! Thank you for joining us at RomanianPod101.com! Why are you studying Romanian? Tell us about it in the comments!

avatar Jeff

Hello! My name is Jeff, English speaker living in the Midwest USA. My wife is Romanian and has been here for 15 years. In the next few years, both of us want to move there, hopefully I can retire there :) .. of course I want to learn the language.
Romania is a beautiful country and I fell in love with your nation last summer, when we took a trip (my second time).
I am finding myself longing to be back there after a year has gone by. I would go tomorrow if I could, but we have to take care of some “life” things first, so it will be a few years.
Anyway, my wife is having a hard time teaching me, I am not learning very much, and she is frustrated lol!
I want to try another method, and I can practice with her, but I need something structured (I think).
I don’t know any other way to learn. I am trying to watch Romanian TV / Movies. I am a slow learner. :(

avatar Rose

Hi Raluca,
I live in Sighisoara. :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

avatar Raluca

Salut Rose,

Welcome to Romanianpod101.com!
I’m really happy to have another new friend interested in Romanian language.
Where in Romania are you living?
If you have any question don’t hesitate to write and ask me!
Team RomanianPod101.com

avatar Rose

I start to learn Romanian because I’m living in Romania now! Very happy to find this website.
Muțumesc! (It’s my first time to type in Romanian letters with American keyboard. :smile: not easy!)

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Hi Alba,

Thank you for posting!
Soon we’ll have an Absolute beginner series, with longer dialogues and interesting grammar points!
Stay tuned! :smile:

Pe curând!
Team RomanianPod101.com

avatar Alba

Hi Romanianpod101
I am going to study in Romanian this year and I would really like to know if this course gets more advance.
Thank you for your time!

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Hello Carmella,

Thank you for posting.
It’s a great method to study one lesson day by day little by little. :thumbsup:
We also suggest that if you find the audio a bit fast to understand,
it’s better to read the provided PDF files (what you can find under the Download PDFs drop down menu) while listening for a better result.

Let us know if you have any question.
Team RomanianPod101.com

avatar Carmella

The lesson was given a bit quickly, but I like it and will try and give it an hour a day of work to get down smooth. :thumbsup:

avatar RomanianPod101.com

Hi Sam,

Have you already finished season 1? Do you have any question about the grammar, text, pronunciation or anything else ?
Our team will post more new lessons very soon so please follow us and you”ll have more material to study! :thumbsup:
Pe curând!
Team RomanianPod101.com

avatar Sam


I’m just wondering when the new beginner season will be available? After survival phrases, I’m not sure where to go.

Mulțumesc frumos.