1. How to Say Thank You in Romanian

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Hi RomanianPod101.com Listeners! Thank you for joining us at RomanianPod101.com! Why are you studying Romanian? Tell us about it in the comments!

avatar Carmella

The lesson was given a bit quickly, but I like it and will try and give it an hour a day of work to get down smooth. :thumbsup:

avatar RomanianPod101.com

Hi Sam,

Have you already finished season 1? Do you have any question about the grammar, text, pronunciation or anything else ?
Our team will post more new lessons very soon so please follow us and you”ll have more material to study! :thumbsup:
Pe curând!
Team RomanianPod101.com

avatar Sam


I’m just wondering when the new beginner season will be available? After survival phrases, I’m not sure where to go.

Mulțumesc frumos.

avatar RomanianPod101.com

Hi Sabrina,

Mulțumesc frumos for your comment!
I’m glad you liked our song!
The intro music was made for these lessons, by the RomanianPod101 team.

Team RomanianPod101.com

avatar RomanianPod101.com

Hi Raven,

You are very welcome. I hope you’ll enjoy the other lessons too! :wink:

Pe curând!
Team RomanianPod101.com

avatar Sabrina

I love the little song at the beginning!

avatar Raven

“Mulțumesc frumos” for this wonderful lesson. 😁