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Lesson Transcript

Salut, and welcome to Romanian Survival Phrases, brought to you by RomanianPod101.com
This course is designed to equip you with the language skills and knowledge to enable you to get the most out of your visit to Romania. You'll be surprised at how far a little Romanian will go.
Now before we jump in, remember to stop by RomanianPod101.com.
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Hello! Bună! My name is Raluca and I'll be your language teacher and cultural guide throughout this introductory course.
Wherever your destination may be, manners are a must! Romania is no different. So in our very first lesson, we'll be teaching you simple expressions that are bound to come in handy throughout your trip to Romania. I can’t stress this enough: A little language can go a long way!
In Romanian, the most simple way of saying “Thank you” is Mulțumesc.
Let’s break that down:
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc.
Once more:
Mulţumesc is a verb, and the dictionary form is a mulţumi, which in English will be translated as “to thank”. So literally translated, the word mulțumesc means “thanks”.
Another simple and common way of saying “Thank you” is the french word Mersi pronounced in a Romanian way.
Let’s break that down:
( slow)Mer-si (roll the “r” almost like in Spanish)
Once more:
There will be occasions when you will want to express your gratitude in a more polite and appreciative manner. That is when you should use the expression Mulțumesc mult.
Let’s break that down:
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc mult.
Once more:
Mulțumesc mult.
The second word mult means “a lot” or “much,” so the English equivalent for Mulțumesc mult is “Thank you a lot”.
For showing deeper gratitude, it is enough to add foarte to the expression Mulțumesc mult so that you get Mulțumesc foarte mult which in English will be translated as “Thank you very much”.
The word foarte literally means “very” and mult is translated as “much” or “a lot”.
Let’s break that down:
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc foar-te mult.
Once more:
Mulțumesc foarte mult.
The nicest way of expressing gratitude is Mulțumesc frumos, literally translated as “Thank you beautifully”.
Let’s break that down:
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc fru-mos.
Once more:
Mulțumesc frumos.
The second word frumos, meaning “beautiful,” is used to make the phrase familiar and polite at the same time.
(slow) Fru-mos.
Let’s hear the two words one more time.
Mulțumesc frumos.
Here are another 3 expressions for showing gratitude using the word mersi just by replacing mulțumesc in the expressions we just learned. And we get:
Mersi mult
Mersi foarte mult and
Mersi frumos.
Whether you use mulțumesc or mersi, the meaning stays the same.
Okay, to close out this lesson, we'd like you to practice what you've just learned. I'll provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you're responsible for saying it aloud. You have a few seconds before I give you the answer, so mult noroc , which means "Good luck!" in Romanian.
“Thank you.”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc.
(3 sec) Mersi.
(slow) Mer-si.
“Thanks a lot.”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc mult.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc mult.
Mulțumesc mult.
“Thank you very much.”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc foarte mult.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc foar-te mult.
Mulțumesc foarte mult.
“Thank you beautifully”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc frumos.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc fru-mos.
Mulțumesc frumos.


All right, that's all for this lesson!
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If you stop by, be sure to leave us a comment.


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Hi RomanianPod101.com Listeners! Thank you for joining us at RomanianPod101.com! Why are you studying Romanian? Tell us about it in the comments!

Monday at 8:01 pm
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Bună David,

Cu plăcere!

Thank you for your kind feedback.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Team RomanianPod101.com

Sunday at 1:22 am
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Thank you for my first lesson.
You have already corrected how I say Multumesc!!
I really appreciate this.

Saturday at 8:52 pm
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Brună Raluca,
I have got WordPower on my Smartphone, daily word is activated in settings,
though I do not get daily words. Three words are in it and no words come any-more. Is this
service finished? It is from the beginning I installed the Android app activated in settings.
Mulţumesc mult,

Christiaan [ or Chris if you prefer that :) ]

Sunday at 3:53 pm
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Hello Debbie Hubble,
Thank you for learning Romanian with us!
Please let us know if you have any question!

Team Romanianpod101.com

Debbie Hubble
Sunday at 1:02 am
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So glad to have found this website. Going to Romania this summer to teach English and knowing a few keys phrases will be very helpful. Thank you.

Monday at 12:04 pm
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Hi everyone,

@ Sally Hansen , thank you for sharing your dream! I am glad to hear that you are plunging to visit Bucaresti to enjoy the Romanian culture. I hope our lessons help you learn more about Romanian culture and help you communicate better with people in Romania.

@Maria, that’s a great story. I am glad to hear that even your kid also like to learn Romanian. That’s awesome.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Team RomanianPod101.com

Sally Hansen
Sunday at 4:16 am
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Buna seara,
I want to learn Romanian,because I have a “dream” of visiting Bucaresti to see their old churches and I have a special interest in painting icons and I enjoy the old traditional Romanian music to which I listen on You Tube.
Sally Hansen, very much new beginner.

Maria A Antonescu
Thursday at 1:30 am
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My husband is from Romanian and we have visited family there a few times. Our 6yr old is very interested in learning the language. And so, here I am learning it so she has company.
Beautiful language, beautiful people.

Tuesday at 3:23 pm
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Hi Barbara,

Thank you for your message.
That’s very interesting.
Thank you for visiting our site!

Have a great day! :heart:

Team RomanianPod101.com

Tuesday at 2:39 am
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Hello! We are having a music from Romania come to our church and I would like to be able to say a few basic phrases in Romanian. Thank you!