Meet the Team

Raluca Curiciuc Raluca Curiciuc Raluca is a native Romanian from Iasi who has lived in Tokyo for more than fifteen years. A graduate of Hyperion University in Bucharest with a concentration in Japanese language and literature, Raluca also studied at a public university in Japan. She has worked as a licensed translator and interpreter for many years, working with businesses, Japanese government organizations, and private individuals. Raluca also teaches English and has worked with several public school districts in and around Tokyo. Raluca loves to travel and has done so extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Most recently, she took a cross-country trip through the United States, visiting eight states en route to Washington DC.
Mihai Popa Mihai Popa

Mihai Popa was born in Romania, and has been fascinated by languages ever since he can remember. He speaks Romanian, English, Japanese, and French. He is also studying German and loving it. Mihai studied at the Spiru Haret University in Bucharest, majoring in English and Japanese. He went on to study Japanese language and culture at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for one year between 2010-2011. Currently, he is a research student there. While in Tokyo, he has also been working as a Romanian language teaching assistant since April 2015. He loves music, soccer, reading, traveling, cycling, repairing things, writing online about his interests, and learning new things every day. As much as he likes history, Mihai also likes science fiction and technology, and is excited to have been born in such a significant era. Mihai likes living positively and learning useful things from every experience, as well as trying to be as creative as possible and helping others to be that way as well.