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Lesson Transcript

All About, Lesson 6 - Can You Answer These Five Questions About Romania?
Eric: Hi everyone, and welcome back to RomanianPod101.com. This is All About, Lesson 6 - Can you Answer These Five Questions About Romania? I’m Eric, and I’m here in the studio with Raluca.
Raluca: Salut bine v-am regăsit!! In this lesson, we have something special…
Eric: A quiz! Which may have some of you thinking ‘oh no~’, but don’t worry. This will be a fun one.
Raluca: We’re not going to test your Romanian skills or anything like that yet.
Eric: Nope, these questions are all about Romania itself – society, geography, pop culture, and travel… so you can see how much you know about Romania and maybe learn something new!
Raluca: Da, da, because learning Romanian is much more than just learning a language.
Eric: You learn about people, life, society, all that good stuff.
Raluca: If you pass, you can go on to the next lesson!
Raluca: And if you don’t pass… you can still go on to the next lesson! So no pressure.
Eric: So everyone, are you ready?
Raluca: All right, let’s get started! Să incepem! Eric, you’ll be the one taking the test!
Eric: Me? Okay, I’ll do my best.
Raluca: Bravo, so here’s the first question, which is about geography, geografie.
Eric: I always liked geography in school….
Raluca: Eric! Hey, don’t make our listeners wait!
Eric: So, the first question we have is…
Raluca: How many counties are there in Romania?
A - 31counties, B- 41 counties, C-45 counties.
Eric: Mmmm, let me think, ah I know this one, forty-one!
Raluca: Bravo! That’s correct, now can you name all of them?
Eric: What?!
Raluca: No, no, I’m joking, but you probably know which city is the most populated.
Eric: Yes, that’s Bucharest!
Raluca: Good job, Eric. Now are you ready for a few questions about Romanian pop culture?
Eric: A few? What do you mean?
Raluca: Actually, they’re not real questions but you have to tell me which person isn’t Romanian. For example, if I say Romanian sports...
Eric: Oh sports! I like sports!
Raluca: Can you tell me which of these three people is NOT Romanian?
Eric: OK!
Raluca: A- Simona Halep, B- Nadia Comăneci, C- Sania Mirza
Eric: Oh, that’s easy!!! Simona Halep and Nadia Comăneci are Romanians, so C.
Raluca: Da, asa este! Yes, that’s right! And if we’re talking about music? Who is not a Romanian composer?
A- George Enescu, B- Bogdan Ota, C- Dario Marianelli.
Eric: Ah, I’ve listened to “Romanian Rhapsody” by George Enescu and “Day of Wrath” by Bogdan Ota. They’re Romanian, and Dario Marianelli is Italian.
Raluca: Right! Last, who of the following singers is not Romanian?
A- Lucia Popp, B- Mariana Nicolaesco, C- Angela Gheorghiu
Eric: Hey, wait a minute! Aren’t they all Romanians?
Raluca: No.. There’s a Slovak among them, and it’s…
Eric: I’m not sure…
Raluca: Lucia Popp! Mariana Nicolaesco and Angela Gheorgiu are both Romanian sopranos.
Eric: Oh, I got confused by the name Popp.
Raluca: It’s okay, no problem. Let’s move to the next question, which is about travel.
Eric: I’ve had friends who traveled a lot in Romania, I hope that will help me.
Raluca: (laughs) We’ll see. Which of the following cities was ranked by Forbes as the 8th most idyllic place to live?
A- Sibiu, B - Cluj - Napoca, C- Bucharest
Eric: That’s easy!! Sibiu is the most idyllic place of those three.
Raluca: True, it’s easy, but some people still get the cities confused. Now let’s move on. Where can we see bears in the wild in Romania?
A- Timisoara, B: Brașov, C- Iași
Eric: Oh, my friends saw bears when they visited Brasov.
Raluca: Perfect! (Romanian pronunciation ) The next one is very easy, we’ll talk about castles.
Eric: Castles? Oh, I think I know what you’re going to ask, go ahead!
Raluca: Which one of the following castles is considered Dracula’s castle?
A- Peles Castle, B- Corvin Castle, C- Bran Castle
Eric: Ah, this question is really easy… it’s Bran Castle.
Raluca: Wow, great! You know a lot of stuff about Romania, but let’s see what you know about the Romanian economy. Are you ready?
Eric: Sure, here we go!
Raluca: What’s the most important economic sector in Romania? A- The secondary sector of industry, B- The primary sector of agriculture, C- The service sector
Eric: This one is difficult, but I’d say A, the secondary sector.
Raluca: Yes Eric, the Romanian economy is oriented for the secondary sector. It employed 35.8 percent of the total labor force in 2012.
Eric: Oh, I see, I did read something about that...is the quiz finished?
Raluca: Are you hoping so?
Eric: No, no, I’m having fun!
Raluca: Really? So, let’s see what you know about Romanian society and tradition…
Eric: Oh, I think I’m good on that topic – I have friends in Romania..
Raluca: This time you’re going to tell me if the sentence I say is true or false.
Eric: Okay, got it.
Raluca: Can every Romanian prepare home-made wine or pie?
Eric: Oh, that’s totally false! There’s definitely a high percentage of the population that can make them, but nowadays a lot of Romanian people prefer to buy wine and pie crusts at the supermarket.
Raluca: Yes, you’re right! Although some people, like me, love cooking, so I can cook pies from scratch. And I know how the wine is made as well!
Eric: Ah, I see. My Romanian friends were saying the same thing!
Raluca: So Eric, here we have the last question, do Romanians eat soup every day?
Eric: This one is false too! I’d say Romanians eat soup quite often, but not every day!
Raluca: Da Eric. Now, the quiz is finished, but I want to tell our listeners that this is just the beginning!
Eric: At RomanianPod101.com you can come and share any interesting facts you know about Romania!
Raluca: Sure! Just write in the comments section on the website at RomanianPod101.com! See you there! la revedere!
Eric: See you in the next lesson, everybody!


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Hi Listeners! Do you know any other interesting fact about Romanian Culture or History? 

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Hello. Nice quiz, though I wish there is a bit about Moldova as they speak Romanian too, you know. 🤗