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Lesson Transcript

Bună tuturor! Sunt Raluca. Hi everybody! I’m Raluca.
Welcome to RomanianPod101.com’s Româna în 3 minute. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Romanian.
In the last lesson, you learned how to use the verbs a place and a iubi.
In this lesson, you will learn how to use a veni.
A veni means "to come" in Romanian, and we use it a lot! So let’s go! Să începem!
Imagine a friend of yours is organizing a road trip and he asks you ¿Vii cu noi? That means "Are you coming with us?"
So supposing you want to go, you will say, Da, vin cu voi. That means "Yes, I’m going with you."
[slowly] Da, vin cu voi.
Let’s break down this answer.
First we had Da which is simply "Yes."
After that we had vin, which is the 1st person of the verb a veni in present tense so it means “I am coming”
Then we had cu which is "with", and finally voi is the plural pronoun for "you."
So, all together it is Da, vin cu voi.
A veni is often used to suggest an invitation to someone. If you are organizing a party, for example, you can invite your guests by asking them ¿Ți-ar plăcea să vii la petrecerea mea? meaning “Would you like to come to my party?”
[slow] ¿Ți-ar plăcea să vii la petrecerea mea?
Let’s have a closer look. Ți-ar plăcea means “would you like”. Să vii is the verb a veni meaning “to come,” now conjugated for the pronoun “you.” After that, you add the place or event. In this case, la petrecerea mea meaning “to my party.” So keep this in mind if you want to invite someone to something!
Once again, ¿Ți-ar plăcea să vii la petrecerea mea?
Now it’s time for Raluca’s Insights.
You could also use a veni when giving a command. For example, to say “Come with me!” that would be ¡Vino cu mine! But be careful, since we can not use it like we do in English to say "Come in!" when inviting someone to enter in a room. In Romanian we use ¡Intră!
In this lesson, we learned how to use the verb a veni. In the next lesson, we will jump into some very important Romanian question words. Do you know how to ask questions starting with "What" in Romanian? I’ll be waiting for you with the answer in the next Româna în 3 minute. Pe curând! See you soon!

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