Lesson Transcript

Want to transform your driving time into language learning time?
How much time do you spend in your car every day? 30 minutes? More than an hour? Why not put this huge amount of time to good use? Instead of just listening to the radio during your daily commute you could be learning a new language instead! Here are 3 easy methods for learning a language in your car. You can put them to use right away with the help of our language learning program.
First: You can listen to fun audio lessons by real teachers
Listening to lessons while in the car allows you to focus on the road as you listen and learn. In every one of our 3 to 15 minute lessons, our teachers teach you conversations, new phrases, and cultural points. Audio is the only learning medium that lets you learn and drive safely at the same time, so take advantage of all our audio lessons available.
Second: You can Set Your Lessons on Autoplay and Go Hands Free
Our autoplay feature lets you keep your hands on the wheel without even reaching for your device. Just set your lessons to autoplay one-by-one with our Innovative Language 101 App and never have to interrupt your focus on driving to switch to a new lesson.
Third: You can repeat out loud and speak from your very first lesson
You want to speak a new language too, right? Well, you start learning conversations minutes into your lessons. All you have to do is listen and repeat out loud. Our teachers take you step by step through all of the words, phrases, translations, and grammar points. You’re even prompted to speak out loud and repeat.
The result? You understand it all and can speak your new language.
Turn your commute into language learning time and have fun at the same time.
Learning doesn’t have to be a big commitment – like signing up for a college class. It can be fun and easy. In fact, it’s as easy as pressing play. Our language learning programs will do the work for you. And with the exposure you get while driving on your daily commute, you’ll be speaking and understanding real-life language quickly.
The best part? You can finally learn without even changing your schedule.
So, if you’re ready to finally learn a new language the fast, fun and easy way, sign up for your free lifetime account by clicking on the link in the description.
Signing up takes less than 30 seconds and you’ll start speaking from your very first lesson.
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