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17 Untranslatable Words From Around The World

17 Untranslatable Words From Around The World

1 Entries • 7 Comments
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avatar Tuesday at 12:53 pm

Hi Listeners! What words would you add to this list? Let us know!

avatar Thursday at 2:03 am

Bună Jano,

The words are really similar, aren’t they? Thank you for sharing this information with us.


avatar Janó Sunday at 8:33 pm

Bună Raluca,

I checked it and the Czech/Slovak word for it is Pálenka.


avatar Raluca Monday at 2:54 am

Salut Jano,

Wow! Thank you for sharing.
I had no idea that there are similar products in other countries too. Do you know if it’s the same word in Czech or Slovakian?


avatar Janó Tuesday at 2:59 am

Bună Raluca,

… Actually, why not? The Turkish word ‘Gumusservi’ (No.😎 was also listed and there is a Hungarian word for that, too: ezüsthíd, which literally means sg. like ’silver bridge’.

By the way, similar products exist in Czechia and Slovakia, too. 😄

avatar Raluca Monday at 5:38 am

Hi Jano,

It’s funny that you chose the word “palinka”, because in Romanian sounds the same : pălincă and has EXACTLY the same meaning (double-distilled plum brandy).😄:thumbsup:

avatar Janó Tuesday at 9:11 pm

Pálinka: Hungarian - Drink that is about 55% alcohol.
Abiocco: Italian - Napping after a huge meal
Sobremesa: Spanish - Staying at the Table after a meal to talk