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Vocabulary Lists Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

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In this lesson, you will learn the Top 10 Romanian Sentence Patterns for Beginners. Even though you may already know some Romanian vocabulary, perhaps you’re finding it difficult to string together coherent sentences. This lesson will break down the key components of 10 basic Romanian sentence patterns, while also giving you an example of each one. Take your Romanian to the next level by formulating clear, well-organized Romanian sentences!

P.S. Be sure to click on the links below to take relevant lessons to learn even more about each sentence pattern!
Mă numesc  [A].
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Mă numesc [A].
- English: My name is [A].

■ Example

- Entry: Mă numesc Alex.
- English: My name is Alex.

Eu vreau [A(noun)].
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Eu vreau [A(noun)].
- English: I want [A (noun)].

■ Example

- Entry: Eu vreau ciocolată.
- English: I want chocolate.

Unde este [A (noun)]?
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Unde este [A (noun)]?
- English: Where is [A (noun)]?

■ Example

- Entry: Unde este banca?
- English: Where is the bank?

Cât costă [A (noun)]?
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Cât costă [A (noun)]?
- English: How much is [A (noun)]?

■ Example

- Entry: Cât costă geanta?
- English: How much is the bag?

Locuiesc în [A(noun)].
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Locuiesc în [A(noun)].
- English: I live in [A(noun)].

■ Example

- Entry: Locuiesc în București.
- English: I live in Bucharest.

Este ora [A (numeral)].
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Este ora [A (numeral)].
- English: It's [A] o'clock.

■ Example

- Entry: Este ora cinci.
- English: It's five o'clock.

Tu ai [A (noun)] or [B (noun)]?
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Tu ai [A (noun)] or [B (noun)]?
- English: Do you have [A (noun)] or [B (noun)]?

■ Example

- Entry: Tu ai un câine sau o pisică?
- English: Do you have a dog or a cat?

Astăzi este [A(adjective)].
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Astăzi este [A(adjective)].
- English: Today is [A(adjective)].

■ Example

- Entry: Astăzi este frig.
- English: Today is cold.

Nu [A(verb)]!
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Nu [A(verb)]!
- English: Don't [A(verb)]!

■ Example

- Entry: Nu alerga!
- English: Don't run!

Eu am [noun].
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Eu am [noun].
- English: I have [noun].

■ Example

- Entry: Eu am un câine.
- English: I have a dog.
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